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2000Ammonites from lumpy limestones in the Lower Pliensbachian of Portugal: taphonomic analysis and palaeoenvironmental implications.Fernandez-Lopez, S. ; Duarte, L. V. ; Henriques, M.H. articleopenAccess
2004Early Jurassic carbonate evolution in the Lusitanian Basin: facies, sequence stratigraphy and cyclicityDuarte, L. V. ; Wright, V.P. ; Fernandez-Lopez, S. ; Elmi, S. ; Krautter, M. ; Azerêdo, A.C. ; Henriques, M.H. ; Rodrigues, R. ; Perilli, N. conferenceObjectopenAccess
2002Taphonomy of ammonite condensed associations. Jurassic examples from carbonate platforms of IberiaFernandez-Lopez, S. ; Henriques, M.H. ; Duarte, L. V. articleopenAccess