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1999Improved syntheses of aromatase inhibitors and neuroactive steroids efficient oxidations and reductions at key positions for bioactivityNeves, André S. Campos ; Melo, Maria Luisa Sá e ; Moreno, Maria José S. M. ; Silva, Elisiário J. Tavares da ; Salvador, Jorge A. R. ; Costa, Saul P. da ; Martins, Rosa Maria L. M. articleopenAccess
1998Preparation and Electrooxidative SO-Extrusion of Halogenated 7-Thiabicyclo[2.2.1]heptene 7-OxidesThiemann, Thies ; Melo, M. Luísa Sá e ; Neves, André S. Campos ; Li, Yuanqiang ; Mataka, Shuntaro ; Tashiro, Masashi ; Geißler, Uwe ; Walton, David articleopenAccess
1999Ultrasound assisted remote functionalization of non-activated carbon atoms: efficient in situ formation of tetrahydrofurans by sonolysis of bromohydrins with (diacetoxyiodo)benzene/I2Costa, Saul C. P. ; Moreno, M. J. S. Miranda ; Melo, M. Luísa Sá e ; Neves, André S. Campos articleopenAccess