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30-Apr-2009Composite copper/stainless steel coated powdersMatos, Mariana ; Castanho, José M. ; Vieira, Maria T. articleopenAccess
2003Effect of ductile layers in mechanical behaviour of TiAlN thin coatingsCastanho, J. M. ; Vieira, M. T. articleopenAccess
2007From Ti–Al- to Ti–Al–N-sputtered 2D materialsVieira, Maria ; Ramos, Ana ; Castanho, José ; Oliveira, João ; Cavaleiro, Albano articleopenAccess
2000The influence of nitrogen on the mechanical behaviour of multilayered coatingsVieira, M. T. ; Pereira, C. M. ; Castanho, J. M. articleopenAccess
2004“A influência de INTERCAMADAS dúcteis no comportamento mecânico de REVESTIMENTOS duros”.Castanho, José Manuel de Oliveira Costa doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
2007Nanostructured coated powders for structural net shape componentsCastanho, J. M. ; Vieira, M. T. ; Matos, M. ; Trindade, B. articleopenAccess
2008Surface modification of stainless steel powders for microfabricationVieira, M. T. ; Martins, A. G. ; Barreiros, F. M. ; Matos, M. ; Castanho, J. M. articleopenAccess