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2010Optical dating of clastic deposits generated by an extreme marine coastal flood: the 1755 tsunami deposits in the Algarve (Portugal)Cunha, Pedro P. ; Buylaert, J. P. ; Murray, A. S. ; Andrade, C. ; Freitas, M. C. ; Fatela, F. ; Munhá, J. M. ; Martins, A. A. ; Sugisaki, S. articleopenAccess
2010Thick-skinned inter-plate and intra-plate tectonics in NW and SW IberiaRibeiro, A. ; Romão, J. ; Henriques, S. ; Dunning, G. ; Ribeiro, L. ; Neiva, A. ; Munhá, J. ; Pereira, E. ; Castro, P. conferenceObjectopenAccess