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2001On a new relation between Jacobi and homogeneous Poisson manifoldsPetalidou, Fani preprintopenAccess
2007On Quasi-Jacobi and Jacobi-Quasi BialgebroidsCosta, J. Nunes da ; Petalidou, F. articleopenAccess
2005Reduction of Jacobi manifolds via Dirac structures theoryPetalidou, Fani ; Costa, Joana M. Nunes da articleopenAccess
2001Reduction of Jacobi-Nijenhuis manifoldsCosta, J. M. Nunes da ; Petalidou, Fani preprintopenAccess
2000Structure locale de variétés de Jacobi-NijenhuisPetalidou, Fani ; Costa, Joana Nunes da preprintopenAccess
2006Twisted Jacobi manifolds, twisted Dirac-Jacobi structures and quasi-Jacobi bialgebroidsCosta, J. M. Nunes da ; Petalidou, F. preprintopenAccess