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2006Anatomy of a serial killer: Differential diagnosis of tuberculosis based on rib lesions of adult individuals from the Coimbra identified skeletal collection, PortugalSantos, Ana Luísa ; Roberts, Charlotte Ann articleopenAccess
Jul-2009Mycocerosic acid biomarkers for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in the Coimbra Skeletal CollectionRedman, Janet E. ; Shaw, Matthew J. ; Mallet, Anthony I. ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Roberts, Charlotte A. ; Gernaey, Angela M. ; Minnikin, David E. articleopenAccess
2001A picture of tuberculosis in young Portuguese people in the early 20th century: A multidisciplinary study of the skeletal and historical evidenceSantos, Ana Luísa ; Roberts, Charlotte A. articleopenAccess
12-Dec-2000A skeletal picture of tuberculosis: macroscopic, radiological, biomolecular, and historical evidence from the Coimbra identified skeletal collectionSantos, Ana Luísa doctoralThesisopenAccess