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2008Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks from Faial Island (Azores)Machado, Adriane ; Azevedo, José M. M. ; Almeida, Delia P. M. ; Chemale Jr., Farid articleopenAccess
2012Mars periglacial punctual features analysesMachado, Adriane ; Barata, Teresa ; Ivo Alves, E. ; Cunha, Pedro P. articleopenAccess
Nov-2013Recognition and characterisation of high-grade ignimbrites from the Neoproterozoic rhyolitic volcanism in southernmost BrazilSommer, Carlos Augusto ; Lima, Evandro Fernandes ; Machado, Adriane ; Rossetti, Lucas de Magalhães May ; Pierosan, Ronaldo articleopenAccess