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2001Crystal structure of tetrakis (µ-betaine-O,O') dichloro-dicopper(II) dichloride tetrahydratedSilva, M. Ramos ; Paixão, J. A. ; Beja, A. Matos ; Veiga, L. Alte da ; Martín-Gil, J. articleopenAccess
14-Nov-2018Facile Synthesis of Three Kobolds: Introducing Students to the Structure of Pigments and Their CharacterizationMartín-Ramos, Pablo ; Susano, Maria ; Gil, Francisco P. S. C. ; Silva, Pedro S. Pereira da ; Martín-Gil, Jesus ; Silva, Manuela Ramos articleopenAccess
15-Oct-2014Highly fluorinated erbium(III) complexes for emission in the C-bandMartín-Ramos, P. ; Ramos Silva, M. ; Lahoz, F. ; Martín, I. R. ; Chamorro-Posada, P. ; Eusebio, M. E. S. ; Lavín, V. ; Martín-Gil, J. articleopenAccess
2007A ladder type structure: Rubidium diphenylacetate diphenylacetic acidSilva, Manuela ; Beja, Ana ; Paixão, José A. ; Domingos, Sérgio R. ; Martín-Gil, Jesús articleopenAccess
28-Nov-2013A new near-IR luminescent erbium(III) complex with potential application in OLED devicesMartín-Ramos, Pablo ; Miranda, Micael D. ; Silva, Manuela Ramos ; Eusebio, M. Ermelinda S. ; Lavín, Víctor ; Martín-Gil, Jesús articleopenAccess
11-Nov-2014Slow magnetic relaxation mechanisms in erbium SIMsSilva, M. R. ; Martín-Ramos, P. ; Coutinho, J. T. ; Pereira, L. C. J. ; Lavín, Lavín. ; Martín, I. R. ; Pereira Silva, P. S. ; Martín-Gil, J. articleopenAccess
2006Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of an alternating manganese chainSilva, Manuela Ramos ; Beja, Ana Matos ; Paixão, José António ; Martín-Gil, Jesus articleopenAccess